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Red Cheyenne Thunder Tattoo Machine

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Vendor Name:Painful Pleasures

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Quick Overview

-Weight: 3.88 ounces
-Maximum frequency of up to 170
-Stroke is .16 inch (4 mm) and the needle comes out .18 inch (4.5mm)
-Drive: ball-bearing motor with long life

The Cheyenne HAWK THUNDER tattoo machine in red is lightweight and flexible. The Thunder has an extreme running smoothness and simple adjustment of puncture depth. This tattoo machine works on various skin types and is suitable for every field of work. You can only use Cheyenne Hawk needles with this machine. Brings you the best quality for lining, shading or coloring!

The Hawk Thunder has a stronger motor, therefore you may have some issues using a regular power cord. If you do use a regular power supply (e.g. Eikon or Critical) make sure to set it on 12V. Once the tattoo machine starts running you can lower the power to 5V.

With the new Cheyenne power supplies PU1 and PU2 you won't have any problems starting and running your Hawk Thunder tattoo machine. An integrated board makes it possible to start the machine with 4-6V Note: If you don't want to purchase a new Cheyenne Power Supply, we offer you a cable with an integrated start up facility.