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Eternal Tattoo Ink Zombie Color Set

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Vendor Name:Painful Pleasures

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Quick Overview

    This Eternal Ink set includes:
  1. Decomposed Skin

  2. Dried Blood

  3. Freshly Dead

  4. Frostbite Blue

  5. Gangrene

  6. Graveside Dark

  7. Graveside Light

  8. Infected Skin

  9. Plague Brown

  10. Putrid Brown

  11. Rigor Mortis

  12. Undead Red

The Zombie color set contains 12 bottles of very dark flesh-browns, muddy reds and dirty purples. Professional tattoo artist inspired this Eternal Ink set was just released at the 15th Annual Motor City Tattoo Exposition and was a great hit!
These colors were specially selected because they are very versatile, included are some of the best flesh tones, this tattoo ink set is a great addition to any tattoo ink set!!